Footwear Everywhere

Using shoes, sandals or slippers to keep our foot clean and protected can be considered human necessity but in our modern living today we are not only using shoes as protection but also as a means of self expression through fashion. Every individual uses different kinds of footwear for different occasions and places but of course I don’t only consider the occasion but also the comfort of using it. In choosing footwear aside from style and color you should also consider the size because when it is very tight it could hurt your foot and can cause swelling. The health benefits of footwear for us should also be given credit to. It protects our foot from sharp objects, germs and cold.

Among all the footwear available in the store today I still prefer to buy doll shoes because of its unique and cute style. It also keeps our feet clean from dirt.

Therefore we should give our heartfelt gratitude to our ancestors who’s responsible for the ease and comfort of living that we are experiencing right now and furthermore use each pair of footwear wisely and effectively.


The Path I Need to Take

Someone once told me that “nothing is permanent in this world except change”. Yup! Definitely I believe that it’s true. Some people walked into our life then one day they’ll leave.  The things that we enjoy right now may vanish tomorrow.  Opportunity will knock on your door but the question is, will you grab it? or you’ll just let it go? What path would you choose?

Actually I’ve been there and I choose the path to happiness and happiness for me is spending my life with those people I treasure. Life is too short that’s why I want to make the most of it. So here I am enjoying life and having fun.